eSignal Eurex problems

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by laocoon, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. laocoon


    I've been having problems with my eSignal Eurex feed lately. It suddenly freezes and I have to restart to get it going again. I know of some other eSignal customers who have been having the same problem.

    What's the matter eSignal?
  2. laocoon


    eSignal just had a short Eurex outage again......:mad:
  3. laocoon


    OK I call it quits for today....the feed keeps dropping...
    I've contacted eSignal by phone and via their liverep chat, they're actually aware of the problem, but that's it......

    Talk about bad customer service....
  4. ER9


    mine's been doing that all morning and i cant save my templates either. im trading futures from west coast of US. i have to restart it as well.
  5. My 15 minute charts have been freezing up randomly today on the ES and stocks. Switching to 5 minutes and then back seems to solve the problem but I've never seen this before.
  6. laocoon


    Would someone from eSignal please comment on this...

    I think it is quite amazing that for them it is just another "oh yeah, we're aware of this and we'll do our best to fix it" issue....

    Wake up and DO something about it....
  7. erToo


    ER2 keeps freezing up on intraday charts.
  8. laocoon


    Yeah, all products are affected now...this is incredible.....
  9. You might be able to fix the problem by changing the time increment to seconds ie instead of 1m use 60s, 5m to 300s as my tick charts have not frozen yet but minute charts have.
  10. laocoon


    eSignal isn't working AGAIN this morning....(at least the Eurex feed)

    This is getting absurd....already lost a whole trading day on friday...

    I just called them, they're aware of the problem (they're aware of it since last friday) and it STILL isn't working....:mad: :mad: :mad:
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