eSignal EOD - duplicate bars?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by FanOfFridays, Oct 19, 2007.

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    I have an eSignal RT subscription. I use it to feed Amibroker. I have a database set up in Amibroker which is set to EOD for the base time increment. I view my EOD charts this way. It has been working fine, until this week.

    Many of my charts are showing identical OHLC/volume for Oct. 16 and Oct 17. See that spinning top on Oct. 16, just before the stock breaks up through resistance? On my chart, that candle is replaced by a candle that is identical to the one the next day, Oct 17. I have two of those Oct. 17 candles in a row, and the quote editor shows that they are totally identical for OHLC and volume.

    Does anyone else use eSignal to feed a third party charting app? Is anyone seeing these double bars in their eSignal EOD data? I will not flame eSignal since the last issue I had was with my Amibroker configuration, but as I say, this setup has been working fine until this week.
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