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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Bigstack01, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Please Can anyone Help ?

    Im new to the world of programming and system trading and have recently purchased esignal,i have a numerous amount of ideas that i am trying to develop into formula so that my daily,weekly charts etc etc can overlay certain setups that i am looking for to make me more visually aware of situations..

    so please could anyone out there please advise me of a great way to learn the language that i need to learn in order to do what i need to do,im not looking for any easy way out, just an answer,it might be a website that helps or a book anything would be of help.

    i am currently over looking esignals help centre and libary which is very basic and hard to disolve...

    again any help will be greatly appreciated..
  2. Depending on the complexity of the ideas they do have an EFS wizard. That is how i first got started in EFS. Also, they do have a good message board with plenty of help.
  3. Or you can just pay someone. You can get good programmers for about $75 an hour. Most scripts I've had programmed usually take 1 to 3 hours which is great value I reckon. It would take me a month to program the same thing myself. Esignal have a group of recognised EFS partners they endorse.

  4. It is my opinion. If you want to trade with profit- you must traned itself. I recomended you a Wealth-lab. he has built-in wizard. with him education will pass easy