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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Magna, Feb 13, 2004.

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    I like tinkering with code and eSignal provides lots of nice .efs files as starting points. Problem is their website is a total quagmire when trying to find an answer to anything, even the most simple questions. For instance, in the help I see references to a Studies Table and a Function Editor, both of which would be essential to messing with code, and yet I can't locate where those suckers are! The helpfile points out the obvious that they would be useful (and even shows a nice picture), but doesn't say where to find them! Doh. Could any of you coders out there please point me in the right direction, and I apologize in advance if this is the simple question that I think it is. But that's the frustrating thing about the eSignal help and website, I can rarely (if ever) find an answer. :(
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    Thanks for the link nkhoi. Plugged in both Studies Table and Function Editor, and while it provided hits I read thru them and none told me the simple and obvious thing of how the hell to access them. This is very typical of eSignal, their website has a ton of information, but finding answers to specific questions is a nightmare. :(
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  4. Dont know if this is what your looking for:

    Look at the "Building your own formulas" section

    edit: this isnt what I thought it was. dont waste your time.

    Have you already tried Help on your Esignal? It has a efs help center and library entry.
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    Thanks easyrider, but I've already tried that, and per usual it was no help. Anyone here who messes with coding .efs files please point me in the direction of where I can locate the nowhere-to-be-found Studies Table and Function Editor. Thanks.
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  6. BENG


    Hi everyone, I'm new to EFS and be able to write some code. Lately, I'm trying to develop a trading system based on the 3min and 5min charts. My 3min chart will generate the trading signals, but the signals are valid only if certain criteria was met in the 5min chart.

    Right now, I know how to program the 3min and 5min code, but I have no idea how to link them together. Can anyone give me a simple example? TIA!
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