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  1. adonos


    No problem at all, I ran into the same problem when I wanted to look at the ratio of advancing issues to declining issues, and other internal indicators, as a study with my ES chart. I ended up just placing all of that information into a separate chart because of the time template problems, and Globex having weird hours on holidays.. like I have about 2 hours worth of ES and NQ bars from yesterday when nothing else was open. I just got tired of putting in extra code for each little special case and put all of the internals into another chart.
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    I'm annoyed that while the bars are synching up (between the tick study and the $TICK chart) they aren't quite making it as far as highs/lows accurately matching. That is, unless I regularly (manually) refresh the study it doesn't quite match the true $TICK chart. When I do refresh it matches perfectly.

    Bsulli, now that the market is open it isn't a synch problem like it was over the weekend looking at historical data. Anyway, thanks for your efforts here, they've also been quite helpful.
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    Doing some searches on the Esignal site brought up that Esignal has it's fair share of bugs in the area of manually refreshing a chart and then having to reload the efs. Supposely a manually refresh should force the efs to reload it's data as well but people are still having issues with things not lining up. There is a work around reload.efs script that someone posted.

    I use 7.5 build 627 and I noticed in the searches I did that there is a build 628 that was released at the end of Dec which addresses various issues with the Data Manager functions in regards to improved pulling down of data.

    Of course Esignal makes it impossible to find simple release notes of what was fixed/added in the new build. ( A link on the download page would be nice but I'm not holding my breath)That is one of the most frustrating thing about Esignal, make the paying customer dig for answers instead of supplying them.

    guess I will go out on a limb and install the new build.

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    Unfortunately this is not an easy problem to deal with. Right now they get the value 200 bars back for your study and place it at the same time point as 200 bars back in your main chart. Having eSignal internally synch these things up will take a lot of overhead. What would be nice is if they could connect the charts in such a way where as when you scrolled back in one, the others would follow along.
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    Thanks for the tip, I'll have to dig around for that reload.efs. BTW, I have build 628 installed, and as you now know it doesn't properly refresh the .efs display.
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    Exactly. BTW, QCharts has just that feature, you simply hold down the Shift key and all charts in that particular workspace scroll (and, of course, you can setup separate workspaces).
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  7. Adonos's tick study is really useful, but it would be even better if it had bollinger bands which do a good job of containing the tick.

    Adonos is there any way to add them in the same efs study?



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    Thanks, I mainly just threw that up as an example of how to make a study out of market internals. I like to look at the high and low of each bar too for the tick, so my study wouldnt be all that useful for that. Throwing Bollinger Bands around a study like that isnt hard. Ill look at it and post something in a few.
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    That request actually turned out to be tougher than I thought it would be to pull off. I posted a question about it on eSignalCentral. Hopefully one of those guys (who are very good with EFS) will have an idea.
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  10. Bsulli

    What can you tell me about the ticki/tick.efs? Ive been looking at it but cant quite figure it out.
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