Esignal down?

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  1. Anybody have esignal stop working about 10:48AM CST? was dead for about 10 minutes for me?
  2. trader123abc, in your experience, does eSignal go down often ? -
    thinking of subscribing to the feed
  3. CME products through eSignal have been down for me since approx 03:10 EST.
  4. bump. still having issues.

  5. Wallace
    I have been using esignal over 10 years, this has happened less than 5 times to me, the last two times within a few months.
    I had called tech support and they told me the server I was on had problems. I had shut down and after 2 tries I logged on a different server and all was fine. You( the user does not have a choice of what server you use) All in all happy with esignal.
  6. CME has been off for me all day.
  7. Using esignal?

    Did you contact esignal support? What did they say?
  8. Eddiefl


    Been with them 11year. I think they have been down for more than 5-10 minutes. Maybe 3-4 times.
  9. I thought they had a problem due to this thread. Turns out my misconfiguration. Missed the session but know what to do next time. Also going to look into getting a backup data feed as size progresses and justifies overhead.
  10. They did have a problem, one of their servers went down, the one I was on. Reason I started thread. To see if others had a problem too.
    I guess not. Maybe I was the only one on the server that crapped out!
    As I said this has only happened about times in last 10= years with esignal, as Eddie conquered.
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