eSignal Down, ETF symbols needed

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by FanOfFridays, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. eSignal website down for the count (for me, can anyone else log into the the Symbol Guide or the Forums?).

    Great timing, Sunday night as many people are doing their setups for Monday morning.

    Does anyone happen to have a list of eSignal symbols for the ETFs they provide? Either a full list or the most popular traders, anything will do.
  2. well, EUN1 not working but PRFQ is working (got the symbol from the IB site).
  3. Surdo


  4. Thanks guys

    A pleasant surprise from eSignal in that all the Euro ETFs display even though I don't have any particular subscription to Euro Exchanges except for the futs.

    Some interesting ETFs from Yahoo... like SJF, the bear fund. Looks like this one has been trading since only March of this year! At least that's what eSignal is giving me.
  5. eSignal sites coming up fine for me. As far as I know, they use standard symbols anyway so you should be able to figure them out pretty easy. I also checked the built-in symbol search and it was working just fine as well.