eSignal - Doesn't anyone use it for NYSE?

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  1. I use eSignal to drive one of my software packages, and I really CAN'T believe that I'm the only User who watches NYSE stocks. I would think that most NYSE traders would use exchange filtered symbols e.g. IBM=N, but the problem is that eSignal DOES NOT provide daily data for these symbols - it provides this for composite symbols only.

    Why is this a problem you ask ... well, a User can't even set up a basic workspace that links a quote window to an intraday and daily chart, because the daily chart will contain no data. Most traders I know want to click on the symbol in a quote window and view these charts before trading the stock. To view a daily chart, a User must manually type in the corresponding composite symbol into a daily chart window. This is extremely slow and cumbersome, and also has the added problem of doubling your symbol count, even though you are really only watching one symbol. This problem also creates issues when trying to store historical data, but I won't go into those.

    I'm politely requesting that any of you fellow traders who need this feature, to please let your needs be known by posting to this thread. I know that eSignal monitors these boards, and currently they believe that very few Users (possibly only one) want daily data for exchange filtered symbols. They might be right ... I guess we'll find out.



    P.S. As a termporary measure, I suggested that eSignal just provide the composite daily data when a User types in an exchange filtered symbol, but they felt this would be confusing to the User.
  2. Not sure what you're referring to. I run esignal accross 3 monitors, have open a quote window, several intraday advanced charts, a daily and a weekly. No problem with linking any symbols and showing correct data, NYSE or otherwise.
  3. bundlemaker,

    apparently you don't use exchange filtered symbols. Type the following symbol into a daily chart window, advanced or regular - IBM=N. You will find that eSignal does not provide daily chart data for this symbol. I use exchange filtered symbols (add "=N" to the base symbol) because it removes all of the ECN and regional exchange trades. These trades are the source of 99.9% of all bad ticks, and just noise up my charts and data.


  4. Ahhhh. I didn't fully understand before. And thanks for the explanation. I can see how beneficial that would be.
  5. I use HAMMER via a Cytrix Client set-up and ASSENT is able to link the Level-2 market-maker boxes to your charts.

    It's pretty cool.
    You can also turn off the Regionals as well.
  6. lescor


    I agree 100%, I have the same problem. I want to trade off nyse filtered data, but if I want a daily chart, I have to use all the ecn prints which I don't want.

    Esignal, please fix this.

    Also please fix the problem where you can't input a number into a spread. This makes your product useless for many merger arbitrage deals and is one of the main reasons why I can't discontinue my qcharts subscription.
  7. I am also interested in being able to link an exchange filtered quote with a daily chart.

    Also, agree with Lescor we need to be able to enter a constant amount into a spread chart to properly trade merger deals like the LEH NEU deal. example of spread calc .496LEH - NEU + 9.49

    Right now eSignal can't accept the $9.49 constant amount
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    Same for me i also would like to be able to have NYSE only Charts.
  9. Daryn


    I recently subscribed to Esignal and have been trying to figure out why my =n linked charts were not coming up....yes it would be a nice feature
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    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    Thanks all for your input on this. I have made our Product Development Team aware of this thread in hopes to make this request more visible.
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