eSignal Does it Again... IT'S FREAKIN AMAZING!!!

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  1. "There's a slight chance we could get a release out tomorrow but our QA process uncovered a problem with the new RT volume field and it may take a bit longer to resolve. To be on the safe side, it's more likely to be ready next week."

    Quoted off the eSignal board.

    All I can say......
    Some things never change, and eSignal will never get their act together.

    There are ALREADY bugs that are delaying the application and it hasn't even come out yet, I can just imagine the pain that will follow.

    ProphetX is sounding nicer and nicer every day. eSignal will get what they deserve.
  2. lp3yc


    Name one software product that hasn't had bugs.

    If ProphetX sounds good then GO. I am sure they will be great and that you will NEVER have another problem with charts in your LIFE

  3. JM,

    Give it up already.

    Your disgust with ESignal is no different then the disgust others have with specific brokers. If you don't like Esignal use something else! If you don't like your broker, get a different broker.

    Ranting ala bashing serves no purpose, other than to feed YOUR need to have your experiences/perceptions validated.

    YOU are the cause of YOUR trading success or failure.

  4. ozzy


    Well said O. I've lost money in all ways imaginable. Suck it up. Plan so it doesn't happen again and move on.
  5. Chica


    Give it up already. Your credibility is just about shot. I'm sure you realize that the more you badmouth EVERYTHING you come across in your trading world, the less anyone takes you seriously.

    Let it go already, damn. Enough.
  6. I hope you realize the only reason they even announced eSignal 8 was because of the other thread in which I called them out and they decided to announce it.

    So you know what, I'll shut up, and I'll let the other people in here who call out companies who screw over their customers do that. *Oh wait, there aren't that many...*

    Oh, and you talk like I care how I'm viewed on ET. Credibility??? I've straight up argued with Barron over stuff on ET. I speak my mind. If I'm an idiot and deserve no credibility because of that, well, the world is a pitiful place to be in.

    So guess what, since my credibility is shot for pointing out the wrongs with eSignal..... I deserve no respect on ET from anyone.

    Chica, do you want me to speak about credibility.

    You have 2 posts. I have nearly 600 which I contribute to every day on ET and share my thoughts. Your first post was a post directly for eSignal. Your second post is in the defense of eSignal. What credibility do you have for what you just posted and know nothing about me to top it off.

    This was a presentation of a person who tries to make it right *and actually called out eSignal and got them to actually do some work with eSignal 8*, and the idiot fanboys/consumers who don't know any righter, it's coming to a theater near you. Check it out.

    I appreciate some praise for my efforts to keep business honest. If it wasn't for me, I of course wouldn't have posted this, because eSignal 7 would still be the focus of the crop.

    I appreciate everyone on ET who speaks their mind truthfully and puts up with BS from people like the above. It's how it should be. Never be satisfied in life, or you will end up acting like the above posters, just a follower.
  7. What does this have to do with money/trading?

    I use Laser from my order entry and I've been doing just fine and I'm having the greatest time in my life. Do people read threads anymore. This is about eSignal.
  8. Are you suggesting that the bugs normally come later?
  9. Bugs are already in the application, which could have been helped if they released the public beta like they told me. No beta, no bug fixes. So they use this time to beta eSignal 8 at the expense of the customer. DAMN am I the only one who cares about the quality of products.

    I give up on this thread, I'm trying to help people, but screw it, shit like this makes me wonder about people.

    People just love starting shit that has nothing to do with what was said.

    So lets go.... all the people that want to defend eSignal, come on, lets do this. What a wasted effort it was for me to even get eSignal to announce eSignal 8 if idiots are going to praise previous efforts.
  10. Temper, temper...........!
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