Esignal disapointment.

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    Just venting here guys.

    I've been a customer of Esignal for 10 years. I'm happy with the software. The customer service is another thing lately.

    I would have liked to receive a simple email notice to remind me, that if I wanted to continue to monitor the YM, I would have to change/update my subscription package.

    I don't mind so much that I now have to pay another $60.00 for full CBOT, in addition to the $30.00 for CME that I was paying anyway to monitor the ES.

    A simple email would have been nice, rather than to power up this morning and have my charts tell me that I'm not entitled to view the YM. They say they didn't know until the last minute, but they sure knew before I did this morning.

    A simple email for a 10 year customer...that's all I ask for!

    Thanks guys, I feel better now. :(
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    We did send an email announcing the CBOT changes, albeit far later than we should have, so if you did not get that email from us, we should double check that we have your correct email address on file. You can log onto Account Maintenance and check it, contact Customer Service or send me a quick PM and I'll check for you.

    If your email address is OK, you may want to check to see if that email was caught in any spam folders/filters you may have set-up.

    Considering the popularity of those promotional CBTE symbols, we should have sent notices several weeks ago and done another follow-up to warn as many people as possible. Sorry about catching you off-guard.

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    Thanks for the reply Scott.

    In all fairness, I'd like to apologize.
    I checked my account- and noticed that my email was not provided with my other info.

    I tried deleting this thread, but it wouldn't let me.

  4. Glad everything got worked out. People seem to like eSignal... don't love it myself... but to each his own I guess
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    FWIW, I did get the email. I'm also a multi-year customer but am considering bolting if I find another package that fits my needs. They really need to upgrade to support multi-threading (as they've committed in another thread). I'll be checking out my other options in the upcoming NYC Trader's Expo.

  6. Hi

    Just to let you know, eSignal is now charging me $254 for data that costs about 1/2 that at other providers. The other day I had one of my servers go down and called eSignal support (on my own dime) and was on hold for 21 minutes before being connected to a CSR. You may choose to believe that this is an exaggeration in order to make it sound more dramatic.

    About a week ago I noticed that a series of symbols all had bad ticks (in fact they all had the same bad tick - these were European ETFs). I contacted support via Live chat and the CSR told me that they would be cleaned up withi 12 hours. The bad ticks are still there tonight.

    eSignal RT data for the YM and ES lags even my Interactive Brokers data, sometimes by as much as 2 seconds. I asked support about this. Do you want to know what they said? They said 'the problem is yours, not ours'. Then I came on here and an eSignal rep here said that there have been issues with the YM and ES and you guys are adding servers in order to try to rectify the situation.

    All the best
  7. I have also noticed that on some days the YM data is a few seconds behind. Very frustrating since I rely so much on accurate timely data.

    I'll be watching my orders wondering why they got triggered on IB then a few seconds later I see the price movement in Esignal.

    I hope they get that issue resolved soon.

    Other then that the service has been pretty good.
  8. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has has problems recently with esignal with their charts? I'm beginning to see a slowdown in chart loading whenever I enter a new symbol. I have tried with my home computer and also at my work. Same problem.

    Was there an update that I didn't get or is it a problem that some of you are also having?


  9. There are plenty of good (maybe even great) alternatives to eSignal. Don't put up with bad customer service.
  10. Could you recommend a few?

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