Esignal Decimal Points for the Eminis?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Trend Fader, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Did anyone else notice the decimal points for the eminis today?

    Did Esignal just do an upgrade?

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    Also, moving averages are now 3 decimal places instead of 2.
  3. I like the eminis with decimals... makes more sense..

    I hope they dont chage that.

  4. you're right just noticed that myself, much better...
  5. Now it would be great if the crosshairs could be adjusted to snap at .25 increments for ES or .5 for NQ
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    It was reported to eSignal and they acknowledged it as a problem due to a bad server file that they are replacing with the prior working one. It was wreaking havoc on bond futures traders who were no longer seeing price quotes in 32nds.
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    For reference, here's the thread on eSignal Central discussing the issue.
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  9. I use 7.4, I don't see them. Would like to.
  10. I didn't have them this am but had to reboot my computer and restart Esignal. They then appeared.
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