ESignal Deal for Upgraders

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by angelo, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. angelo


    ESignal has a nice promotion going. If you want to swithch from one of their competitors. They will give you the $185/mo package they sell for $85/mo. One month on trial and the price guaranteed for a year.
  2. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    This is a limited time special as part of the 7.0 launch. We know how hard it is to switch systems, so there is also 30 days free. Call 1-800-815-8256 to try it out.

    New charts, new formula language, new drawing tools ....

  3. js1257


    so how long is the 85 dollar deal going to last? It should last for the rest of this year and next year and the next ten years.
  4. 50 symbols - or 500???
  5. Is that the $50 dollar extra question?

  6. drop the outrageous L2 charges fellas!!
  7. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Trade-up pricing is good for 500 symbols and the standard $50/mo NL2 fee is also waived. Only the $10 NL2 exchange fee applies.

    It's a great deal to try us and the rates are good through the end of the year with no current plan to adjust at this point.

  8. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    For this special it is 500 symbols and includes Level II. You must call this number 1-800-815-8256 as you must qualify by having proof of a competing product. Free 30 days to compare the new eSignal 7.0.