eSignal + DDE + Excel

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by joe flapjack, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. Is there a source of some basic macros for use with eSignal's DDE in Excel?

    What I am specifically looking for is a Macro which will hold a cumulative total (of 'TradeSize' for instance) in a cell for a specific period (for instance 1 minute, based upon tick data) so that the total can be manipulated in other cells.

    I have no VBA experience, and from my muddling, I don't think I want any :) .

    Thanks for any advice / help.
  2. joe,

    I suspect you're going to have to use VBA. I don't know of any function in Excel that will do a cummulative sum of a cell
  3. Vikana,

    Yup, am also guessing that VBA is the answer -- simply I don't know how to sling it and am not especially intererested in learning.

    Therefore, was wondering if someone else had a handy macro or two?

    -- thanks,