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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by adonos, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. adonos


    Is there anyone else using eSignal who cant access yesterday's intraday data? I know it sounds like a weird problem, but my intraday data ends on Thursday, or at 1:40 am CST on Friday morning for the minis. The daily bar is there, but I do not get any intraday data.
  2. Bsulli


    Mine is working fine.

  3. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    Problem fixed by logging out and back in again.

    Always a good thing to do for any program not acting right.

    Also, best to check out forums for help since there are more users and staff there:

  4. adonos


    Thanks for your help Chuck. I definately should have tried that stuff before posting. I actually did go and look on but didnt see any posts over the matter. That should have been a clue that it was an easy solution. :)
  5. this happens sometimes to me too, just log out and log in like was suggested. it re-connects to antoher server or something and then it works.