ESignal Data problem. Discrepancy

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  1. My daily candle on the ES seems to be showing incorrect OHLC values. For example, according to the Daily chart the ES hit a high of 1027.50, but when I go to the 60 min. chart, I can see a high of 1029.75

    Which number is correct? Pleas Help.

  2. What do you guys see as the OHLC for ES?

  3. The High is 1029.75
  4. Here's everything:

    settlement prices as of 09/03/03 07:00 pm (cst)


    SEP03 1022.00 1029.75 1020.25 1027.25 1027.00 +500 761K 1022.00 820276 511577
    DEC03 1020.50 1027.75B 1019.00 1025.50 1025.50 +500 4139 1020.50 3430 6115
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    Please keep an eye on this thread for updates on this issue.
  6. Btw, I'm having the same problem on the YM as well. I haven't checked the NQ, but that's probably incorrect too.

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    YM seems ok for 9/3/03, and matches CBOT's site

    O - 9521
    H - 9592
    L - 9506
    C - 9571

    NQ's Low is off for yesterday, and is in the process of being corrected.
  8. Is that a temporary problem or it's been going on for a while?
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    Only the last 3 days. It looks like the issue has been resolved as yesterday's daily data is fine (no corrections on ES or NQ made this morning as far as I know.)