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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tbill1, Feb 3, 2004.

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    E-Signal-I'm not happy

    I need to install Esignal on another computer. I called tech support and was told (recording) that it would be at least 10 minutes. At the 13 minute mark, I hear ringing so I think my wait is over. A rep gets on and evidently thinks I'm another customer he was talking to. When he realizes I'm not, he HANGS UP on me.. I'm not about to start the whole process all over again-As the long distance charges pile up. I will serious rethink renewing again in a couple of months-as this process STINKS.

  2. I dropped them over a year ago for this reason - their customer service leaves plenty to be desired
  3. It is possible that this was just a human error and that the rep who picked up the phone disconnected you by mistake. We've all done something similar at some point. Give them a chance.
  4. Esignal online live Sales Rep said: " BYE" to me
    yesterday, because i were little slow in typing,
    before i could ask any question.

    I tought to fill the feedback report ( which comes
    up after closing the chat), but i changed my mind,
    because the question wasn't so high import to be
    answered or not

    Anyhow i were very surprised to see this kind of
    attitude. I am esignal user and still rate Esignal
    A++ , but customer service has been doing "LOUSY"
    job recently.

    One reason that i love Esignal, is because of online
    live support that you get which has phone call cost
    saving benifit if you are a trading from outside US

    Check my view on Customer support:
  5. I remeber also some day that they were passing
    me to each other like a "Soccer ball" :( from <Sales>
    to <Customer support> to <Tech support> and so on,
    without first listening carefully to what were my
  6. They love to do that, as well as blame everyhting on your system.

    I had a nagging issue where during the first 15 minutes of the trading session the charts would populate very slowly. It was a classic bandwidth problem on their part but of course they'd have nothing to do with that.

    Good riddance.
  7. But feedwise i don't remember having problems with them.
  8. Hi TBill,

    If you could pm me your account number or log in name, I'll pull up your account and look into your call to see what might have happened and report back to you.

    In the meantime, please check out this link to our FAQ on copying eSignal files from one PC to another.