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  1. I pay esignal $180 per month for forex service and get no service from them. I am looking for a us crude oil symbol to keep track of oil prices . He refused to help me saying i was to do a search my self . I told him i did and it came back with 180 symbols which most are pay service. He didnt even know what the $spx index was . All i want is an index symbol like the sp500 == $spx but for crude oil prices .

    Does any one have a symbol for us crude oil which is not a pay service? ( like $spx is for sp500 )

    I really need to get off my ass and get my indicator converted to a new charting service . I HATE THOSE LOOSERS .
  2. Hi Watchdaride,

    Here's a couple of eSignal symbols for oil:
    CL M8 = June Light Crude
    QM M8 = June Light Crude e-miNY
    WBS 8M-ICE = Light Crude, West Texas Intermediate
    BRN 8M-ICE = Brent Crude

    Also, for CL, you can get electronic-only, or floor-only by using CL M8=1, or CL M8=2, respectively.


  3. I think what you're asking is a cash symbol for crude futures. The only proxy I know is USO. But it's not calculated at the same price.
  4. Beebers


  5. I never have a problem with them.