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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tech Analysis, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. When running eSignal 6.3 my CPU usage runs 90%-plus. This makes running any other app an impossibility because the system slows down to a crawl when eSig is running. This is with 512MB of RAM and an Athlon 1700+ running WinXP.

    Is this normal? I'm using 3 monitors with about 2 dozen active charts, plus 3 quotelists.
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  2. stevet


    the cpu readout in win2000 is meant to be pretty useless - so XP may be the same

    sounds like too much usage if it is 90%, might hit a high of 90% at some sort of refresh tiime - otherwise it should be quite low unless you have some complex indicators you are running

    try just opening half the charts - and see if the usage drops - and if it does - isolate which charts are using the CPU up
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    The CPU load seems awfully high.

    Are you running any other apps? Firewall softwre, anti-virus, etc?
    SteveT had a good suggestion to experiment with fewer windows in eSignal and see the differences. You can always start by choosing Windows, Close All and see what happens to the CPU usage with a blank layout.

    We've had feedback from quite a few users that the new Advanced Charting runs "leaner". Our goal is to go Gold with version 7.0 next week so perhaps you can test the CPU usage on the newer version and compare.

  4. The CPU readout on the NT task manager shows a snapshot of current CPU usage, including the % usage required by the task manager. When used in conjunction with the historical graph of CPU and memory / page file usage these can be very useful tools for discovering if an application is inefficient.