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    Can someone show me how to set the continuous contract settings for ES? Do i set the rollover date and backadjusted prices? Or does eSignal do this? If eSignal does it automatically, what is their formula? Thanks.
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    i'm not asking about the ticker symbol. i'm asking about how you can choose the day it rolls over and the price adjustment of the backadjusted data.
  4. Tools>Continuous Contract Settings. Create a new contract and
    Roll template. Edit the Roll template to the rollover date you desire.
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    does it just roll the contract without backadjusting it?
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    c'mon guys. how does esignal backadjust the data?

  7. "c'mon guys"!? IMHO 'please, thank you', and the like would
    result in receiving more and better replies to your question.

    In the Configure Continuous Contracts box you can put a check in the Enable Back Adjustment box.

    May I suggest that you will find greater help to your questions regarding eSignal here: