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  1. We are currently experiencing some connectivity issues. Some users who are now attempting to connect to eSignal may not be able to receive data. If you are currently connected to eSignal and receiving data, do not exit and re-launch the program. This issue is also affecting certain eSignal web pages. We will follow up to this message as more information becomes available.
  2. We are continually working to bring the various services back online. An internal power outage had a significant impact on a variety of servers. We are bringing these servers up as quickly as possible. As soon as full connectivity has been restored, we'll continue our updates on this thread or as events warrant.
  3. FredBloggs

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    ever heard of a usp? (uninterruptable power supply)

    this is lame. very lame.
  4. agreed - amature explanation for a professional price
  5. dkm


    Connectivity problems again today. :mad:
    This is getting to be a very poor service.
  6. If eSignal worked for Trump, what do you think he'll say to them? :D