Esignal Confusion.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jackpearson, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. I like to watch ES #F and NQ #F during the trading day.

    In Esignal do I have to sign up for "Chicago Mercantile Exchange E-Minis (only) " at $23 per month to see them?

    Or is "Chicago Board of Trade Mini-Sized Futures" all I need.

    I don't understand the difference.

    Thank You.
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    The Russell AB trades on the CME and the Dow YM trades on the CBOT.

    Two separate exchanges, two separate data feeds, two separate data fees.
  3. Where does the ES & NQ trade? Which exchange?
  4. dloomis514

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  5. cbot YM is free and see for es nq
  6. Thank You very much.

    One last question.

    What symbols are the "S&P Cash Indexes" as Esignal calls them? What is their meaning?
  7. dloomis514

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    $spx is the s and p cash, $rut is the russel and $compx (maybe no x) is the nasdaq cash
  8. Thank You once again for your help.

    Have a nice weekend!