Esignal charts freezing

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lescor, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Can anyone provide feedback on Aspen Graphics?

    What about Neovest I used First Alert many years ago and it was super in an office environment but data delivery over the internet was a nightmare, maybe they've solved that problem?

    Yeah, that's right esignal support guys reading this forum.... we're talking about your competition here and looking for somewhere else to take our business... is it sinking in yet?
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  2. Edge Hunter is absolutely correct that the problem lies with the design of the advanced charts. I would take it a step further and say that the problem is with the whole winsig app (the application that displays charts and quotes) as even my quotes freeze up. I have fed an excel spreadsheet with data from the excel feed while running esignal charts and excel has no problem keeping up with quotes while esignal freezes. So the bottom line as far as I can tell is that the data can get there on time, but the screen can't update. Nonetheless I do think that over the past several weeks they have had server issues so even then the data has been slow to arrive.

    It used to be I would have screen freezing problem around Fed announcements but now it is pretty much a daily occurrence during ANY data burst (opens, fast markets).

    I don't mind the feed, in general, but I would like a multithreaded app, even a third-party app, that can keep up with it.
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  3. Bullet


    Though not related to Esignal, I have been having a ton of problems with INSTAQUOTE. Every time there is any surge in volume in either the market (in general) or in the stock that is punched into a 1 min chart....the damn thing either freezes or..worse yet..the chart gets so delayed it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 min to catch back up.

    Not impressed, reliability has gone to Hell over the last 2 months.

    Good luck with esignal...I used it about a year ago and had the same problems you are referring to know (concerning a one min. Chart)
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    Just to add to this thread. Been having problems with Esig as well. Takes about 5 secs+ to load a symbol. This is when I only have one chart up! It's not all the time... only when I need it most.

    Where they have been incredibly consistent, are the 2 or 3 full color marketing mail-outs for "learn how to trade" seminars I receive each month. I've probably received hundreds of these, it must have cost them a fortune. This is a huge red flag and shows where their priorities are.

    Some advice to esignal: invest in your infrastructure instead of marketing bullshit products that noone uses. If you don't have that, then you don't have a business. This will be my last month as an esignal customer. You guys really dropped the ball.
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  5. They told me over the phone that they have had a major server farm migrationd during the month of January. I asked how many years the phone rep ( that was telling me this crap ) had been at ESignal. He said 16 years.

    I told him that IF infact it was true that there was a major server migration being done, then why weren't ESignal subscribers notified about this AHEAD of time???

    In my opinion ( and personal experience ) this lack of infrastructure at ESignal has been going on for years.

    I gave up a long time ago and went to RealTick
    My ping-test has me averaging a decent 64ms to their servers from here on the West Coast.
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  6. I am having problems 2/3 times daily with charts and data freezing, when i relog in it corrects itself but sometimes it takes a couple of minutes before i realise nothing is moving. i am starting to lose faith in e-signal.
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    How's eSignal these days? Today DTN was just as slow plus they have these unfiltered ticks to boot.

    Has anybody tried Qcharts since they were bought by eSignal? I thought about trying them out.
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  8. Nothing ever changes and I just expect this to happen with eSignal. Freezing delayed, while using W59 and IB charting no problems! Who Else today had the same old problems with eShit Charting?

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  9. Dustin


    My Esignal has been pretty good lately.
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  10. I trade S&P E-Mini's and trader friends trading E-mini I spoke with had major freeze and lag when FOMC announcement
    came out. It finally came back in tune but not able to use charting up to highs

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