Esignal charts freezing

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  1. It appears the vendors who "time-sample" the data feeds are the most reliable. This includes Interactive Brokers and ThinkorSwim. I've been with the latter now for several months...never a delay, never an outage (except for that crappy eCBOT data service - not their fault !). I am also testing Man Financial's emini feed using StrategyRunner....whew, it's fast as heck. Not sure about reliability....yet.
    Keep in mind, the time-sampled vendors are not good for high-frequency trading / scalping systems....they "consolidate" ticks and you don't get the "realtime" picture. But if your average time-in-trade is over 1-2 minutes, you won't be missing anything.
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  2. dinoman


    These data issues happen with all platforms from time to time. There is no way around it. I understand your pains though for esignal data has been getting worse over the last year. I finally had to call it quits with them after 5 years. Plus, I sat down an re evaluated the use of their platform and couldn't justify the price. Not sure what took me so long to figure it out. It was probably the fact that I wasted years trying to develope indicators and strategies including them.
    All one needs is price ( and maybe volume) all other indicators proved to be irrelevant to trading.

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  3. The BS started early today 10:30AM. unreal.
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  4. Dustin



    I can't load anything over a 6 min chart right now. Sad to see what used to be the best in the biz go to crap.
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  5. dealer


    The delays in "backfilling" intra-day charts have been appallingly.

    I have posted messages on the esignal forum but the response from esignal support staff has been deafening silence....

    I did speak with tech support today. He confirmed that they are still having problems resolving the delays associated with the tick servers. Current estimate to resolve the problem is about 2weeks.
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    lescor, I have the same issue. It has been going on for probably about a year. Once I use an interval, and it will not load, it will not load that interval under any circumstances. Restarting eSignal usually helps, but what a pain. The status is ok, but double-clicking it does not fetch it.

    Note: I don't see it too often, but it's annoying when it happens
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  7. Same issue....ESignal better fix this fast or they will be losing about 40 account that my group has with them. I got pounded today by traders for this.

    Get to work boys........good money on the line with our livelihood.
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  8. lescor


    Yeah, I'm pretty fed up with this bs too. Problem is, what's the alternative...? I tried qcharts and canceled it after 15 minutes when I found out you have to keep evreything within one window.

    I need the ability to:

    -Place charts and multiple quote windows anywhere on my desktop
    -Have no symbol limit (I have 1000 at esignal and pay through the nose for it)
    -ability to see the source of quotes and prices, what exchange they are from
    -stream multiple data points into excel via dde
    -reliable data

    What I don't need:
    -every frickin' indicator under the sun
    -quotes on tibetan yak bellies and all the other markets that no one trades

    At this point price is almost no object. I'm paying over $300 for e-crap-signal as it is, how much worse can it be for something good...?
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  9. Hi Lescor...

    I have gone at eSig HARD for a year and a half about their Advanced Charts poorly coded product... Single threaded... instead of multi threaded.. so Advanced Charts freezes up when there is a burst of data in the data manager even if you are not using those quotes... imagine trying to pull an elephant thru an umbilical cord with a panicked hospital staff on hand... that's eSig when there is a market burst...

    they use, like many big businesses, a techinque of attempting to fix a problem that cannot be fixed until they PROPERLY reprogram their systems... please everyone hold your breath on that...

    at 55K subscribers why should they care if a few high end users do not get what they pay for...

    i am using NeoTicker because it is multi threaded and does not freeze up with DTN data bursts... but DTN does not seem to do any tick filtering so you get some whacky data now and then that i did not get with eSig... So i am thinking of trying eSig with NeoTicker as well as... never again with Adv charts though... not a masochist...

    One cavaet, a strong one, on NeoTicker, there is only email and forum support... or you could go to their home office and put a gun to the staff to call you... powerful product... whimpy support... you had better be very computer savvy to use it... not for the faint of tech...

    I am also looking into CQG...

    since i am dis enchanted with eSig and DTN... and Futures 71' has good comments about them and not a lot of bad posts about them at ET as far as i know...

    anybody else have any comments on CQG as replacement for eSignal...

    they have DDE of 1000 symbols... api up to 3000 symbols and supposedly a good rep on data integrity and accuracy... but looking for more feedback...



    HAVE STOP <img src=""> WILL TRADE
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  10. Phone them up, complain, say their service is rubbish and you are going to go elsewhere.

    They will give you a refund of the platform fee.

    A friend of mine done this
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