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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lescor, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. lescor


    This is happening more and more frequently. On an advanced chart I type in a symbol, usually 1 minute bars. It works ok for a few minutes then just stops updating, frozen at a certain time. If I change the time interval, it is correct again, but then freezes. The only way to get it to show the current price is to keep changing the time interval. But if it's a time interval I've already used on that chart, it will only show the last price from when it froze the last time I used it. So I can get 10 different prices on the same symbol when using 10 different time intervals.

    Anyone else had this?
  2. The advanced charts & time/sales is taking much longer to load when switching symbols than in the past. The slowdown started 2 weeks ago. I hope it gets fixed. Hey esignal, are you aware of it?
  3. nassau


    yes they are, one of my associates overseas is also having the same issues and has contacted them whereby they have stated they are fixing it and upgrading servers?
    we have also notice a difference a 2-10 seconds on data versus bid/ask on ib's tws with an average of 100-200 thousand shares lagging.

  4. Hi lescor,

    The cause maybe due to the server you maybe connecting to. Please contact us via liverep or at 510-264-1700 so that we can troubleshoot the issue realtime.

    Thank you
    Joe B
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    I'm having similar issues with as well and don't know if they are a common server farm at this juncture or not. In my case I delete the first server entry in the continum.ini file and connect to a different server. The first one I connect to today the russell completely stopped updating and after many restarts and edits I finally have a server that only lags by a second or so compared to my brokers feed.

  6. Try removing all the efs studies you have applied to your chart. eSignal runs them on each and every bar before allowing you to start. If I load 6 months of data with my one minute bar chart, it takes forever to process with my range study applied.
  7. Dustin


    I've had the same slow load speed for the last few weeks.
  8. I restart Esignal, making sure everything is closed out & it still will do it without warning at any time. As far as troubleshooting realtime, that's your job. I'm a trader. I trade during market hours. I pay YOU to fix the system & troubleshoot it. Get to work.
  9. As an experiment, try using seconds instead of minutes. ie., 60s instead of 1 minute. This has helped me in the past, but I have not had any noticeable problem with minute charts lately.
  10. Thanks, I'll try that.

    In the past Esignal has said they have diff servers for the daily info as opposed to the minute-by-minute info. The daily charts are still popping right up. It's the minute by minute ones that have slowed. (Esignal fella, there's some troubleshooting that should help you diagnose the problem. As you see from this thread, it's happening to others too.)
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