Esignal charts are blank

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by easyrider, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. When I open esignal now all my charts are blank except for one daily chart. I can change the intervel on a chart and it will come up but if I go back to the intervel I saved it at its is blank again!!! This has been going on for a couple of days now. I cant get ahold of support until tommorrow and I need my charts up and running by then. Has anybody had this problem here?
  2. Have you checked to see if your autoscale is set. I have occassionally had that happen and it was as simple(stupid) as me having saved a chart that then moved out of the scale.
  3. All my charts are on autoscale except for the 5 and 1's but this seems to affect all my charts. Ive had esignal for a couple of years now but this is a new one on me. It started happening on the beta so I uninstalled the beta and installed 7.3 but its still doing it. Thanks for the input, tho.
  4. I do know that when you uninstall esignal, as you have done in this case with the beta, it does not completely uninstall. There is a link from one of the esignal guys on ET from about 2-3mths ago on how to do a 'complete' uninstall. You may wish to do a search for that. If I can find it sooner I will post it. I had the thread postmarked but can't seem to find it on this pc.
  5. ESignal 7.2 Complete Uninstall/Reinstall Procedure

    Uninstall Procedure:

    Before you remove the program, ensure that the files you normally use have been moved to a different folder (ex. My Computer or a 3.5 Floppy). If you don't do this, these uninstall procedures will remove those files and your data will be lost. Those files would be quote, chart, ticker, portfolio, etc.

    1. Ensure that your eSignal software is closed and not running, including your Data Manager.
    2. Click on the START button (bottom left of your PC).
    3. Click on Settings.
    4. Click on Control Panel.
    5. Click on Add/Remove Programs Icon.
    6. Look for and highlight eSignal. (if there are multiple occurrences, please remove them all)
    7. Click Add/Remove button.
    8. Exit Program removal screen and then exit Control Panel.
    9. The following files and folders need to be deleted after this.
    dbcapi.dll (only delete from eSignal folders)
    “eSignal” folders and all content
    “dbc” folders and all content

    These files can be deleted through Windows Explorer or through Find All Files/Folders. Ensure that it is looking at the C: drive or My Computer and click Find Now (windows 98). When an occurrence is found, right click on the file and click on Delete. (it will ask if you want this to go to the Recycle Bin, click Yes/OK).
  6. Plus there's a host of crap in the registry, too. Just search under esignal, winsig, winros, dbc, etc across all hives.

    Man, I'm so damn sick and tired of these programs leaving trash behind after a so-called uninstall. That unwise.exe uninstaller that they all use is nothing but a toy.
  7. Well I thought I had it. I did another uninstall as per post above. I set up a chart, shut it down, reopened it and it was ok. Then I set up several charts, closed it down and when I opened it again, they were blank. I'll get ahold of support in the morning. Surely this cant be the first time this has happened. I recently got dsl but wouldnt think that would have anything to do with it.
  8. It finally occured to me to try a different connection so I closed my dsl and used a dialup connection and everything was fine. The problem lies with my dsl connection somehow. Is anybody else using esignal with bellsouth dsl?
  9. Try ping and tracert to esignal's server(s) with your DSL. Sounds like some bad hops there that may cause sporadic data.

    Get on the horn with Bellsouth; of course they'll insist it's your fault.