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  1. Dow Jones News Service -- Full Text includes
    Dow Jones NewsPlus also
    for 115$/month

    Dow Jones Real-Time News Service -- Headlines
    for 70$/month

    I have taken 30 days trial for $115 service, but want
    to know more about $70 news plane:

    - If $70 plan also offers the "HOT News" feature?

    -And does it covers international and political events
    that affects US market or just covers Financial news?

    -Is the $70 plane is real time as broadtape and not

    What disadvantage we will be at, if if don't pick up
    the 115$ plan, since i am trying to avoid it because
    of being bit pricy for me.

    Accurate, Real-Time News for the Equity Markets

    Dow Jones News Service (DJNS)provides fast tips and in-depth reports on anything and everything that affects stock prices -- corporate disclosures, industry news, market reports, hot stocks, international events and more.
    DJNS is used by stockbrokers, traders, analysts, money managers and corporate executives.

    DJNS has expanded publishing hours to around the clock and publishes more real-time stories for more companies, throughout the night and before and after the market day. Drawing on Dow Jones’ global network of reporters and editors, DJNS transmits more than 3,000 items on a busy news day. These include:

    Corporate developments
    U.S. and Canadian equity market news

    Other financial market news

    U.S. economic news and indicators

    Worldwide geopolitical and economic news
    Plus, you’ll also find these special features on DJNS:
    Hot stocks to watch

    Calendar of events

    Small cap company coverage

    Exclusive CEO interviews

    Analysts’ rating changes

    Mutual fund news, analyses, profiles and top performers

    Wall Street Journal articles and statistics

    Barron’s articles

    Dow Jones NewsPlus
    This is a website designed exclusively for Dow Jones News Services subscribers that eliminates the use of retrieval codes, enabling users to move easily beyond thousands of daily, scrolling headlines to a quick and comprehensive review of market-moving stories, market updates, analysis and commentary. Information on essential topics, such as the war in Iraq, technical analysis, corporate disclosure and personal finance, is also highlighted to make it easy to access and use.
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    My understanding is that the main difference between the $115 and the $70 Dow Jones news packages is that the $70 package does not have the full stories when you click on the headline (i.e. headlines only) and also there is no access to the Dow Jones News Plus service (Research menu --> Dow Jones News Plus). Other than that they are the same headlines as the Broadtape, and with the same real-time timeliness.

    Regarding the "Hot News" feature, I checked around the office and the consensus is that this is still available in the $70 package.