eSignal Chart Data NOT Correct

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by MiamiBeach, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Does anyone else have problems with eSignal chart data?

    Intraday charts do not match what is on the daily chart and sometimes neither chart matches up with the current price quote.

    This happens only on some symbols. Some symbols seem to be correct. Entire days of data are missing on some symbols.

    My eSignal service has been screwed up since around christmas.

    It seems esignal entire database is messed up!

    Maybe eSignal can let us know when they might fix this problem?
  2. try closing esignal and data manager, then restart them. sometimes my ES charts are messed up and that fixes it.
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    I think the inconsistency of data from one session to another has to do with the fact that the various eSignal servers are not perfectly synced. When you first connect to eSignal, you do not always get the same server.

    Check my recent (Jan 7 '04) eSignal review here:
  5. Thanks for the replies

    I agree with saxon that there seems to be a problem with eSignal servers being not in sync or inconsistent.

    Sometimes I log in and everything is fine. Other times I log in and some stocks are fine but others are totally wrong.

    Because of the inconsistancy now I need to verify with my order entry software that the qoute and chart data is correct. This is a real pain and slows me down.

    I wonder if Realtick has problems lately. I am considering moving over to that service if eSignal doesn't become more reliable
  6. which symbols?
  7. Take a look at CL #f this is the Crude Oil continuous futures contract. My Intraday chart has prints at $90 a barrel, but this is a different problem from what I was having this morning.

    This morning VIA chart was missing one day of data. I have since logged off and logged back in and now the chart is fine.

    The point is the data has been very unreliable!!!
  8. Heres another messed up chart $DXC , realtime dollar index that I follow.

    Todays intraday chart is useless!