Esignal charged my 3 times!!!

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  1. Hello,
    Since I cannot post on the software review yet, I will post my experience here. I signed-up for the free-trial for Esignal's software and was only supposed to be charged $6 for the data feed. I checked my bank account a couple days later and not only did they charge me $6 for the data, they also charged my account $121,and $115 for a total of $242. I contacted them and told them what happened and that I wanted the entire amount credited back to my account, they said it would be 3 days before the funds would be credited to my account and that they could not refund the $6 for the data feed, what a joke! I didn't even recieve and apology from them or anything. I have heard about this happening to others as well. I would be careful about signing-up for the free-trial with them. That could cause a lot of problems if some one had just enough money in their account to cover checks that have been written. I would not recommend these people to anyone. As far as the software goes, I had problems with the Tick charts loading at all. My layout would load different every time I opened Esignal. I called several times and spent my money with tech support (long distance call) and still did not get the problem fixed. There are quite a few bugs with the 8.0 version. I think there are better alternatives out there for a lot less money.
  2. I paid a year up front ($1915) and they charged me 3 times that amount by mistake. They have since corrected it but it took several weeks.
  3. Just wanted to give an update. I have contacted Esignal 4 times and even gotten a reference number but still no refund has been given to me. All I hear is that it will be put back in within the next business day and it never happens. I can't believe they can't fix a problem THEY caused, not me. I will never recommend them to anyone and if you want your money safe I would not sign-up with them for any trial or subscription. For what their charting package offers there are cheaper platforms out there. I will post when and if I ever receive my money back. Might as well call it stealing if you ask me. I will contact the necessary people if this doesn't get resolved. Buyers beware
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    All firms have issues. If everyone posted about this, the site would crash. Thats life! Unfortunately, your first experience was a bad one. I will agree that Esignal (IDC) needs to drastically improve on the CS (Customer Service). They also need to LISTEN to there customer base a bit more. IMHO at this time they are to busy trying to expand and make aquisitions.

    The biggest downfall is 99/100 businesses are always worried about where they are going to make their next buck instead of enhancing their relationship with their current clientel.

    Welcome to the world of where do I get my next buck!

    When it comes to charting and data Esignal RULES, unfortunately every other category they are below average at best.

    I am sure Esignal will resolve your issue.

    Other possible software programs to check out would be TS or Ensign. IMHO

    Sorry to here of your troubles,

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    Get yourself another data provider; and, an unlimited long distance plan.:cool:
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    lil' rich

    theyre quotes arent streaming, but, rather refresh......charts suck....theyre shit all in.
  7. their quotes aren't streaming? what the hell are you talking about