eSignal - "bulk download" of several daily charts question

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 50 cent, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. JayF / eSignal support - I have another question please:

    Each morning I am doing a market review. I have a layout that contains a Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and 60 minutes charts, all linked to a quote window. In this quote window I have tickers of the major indices, Dow stocks, sector indices, and so on.

    At least on my computer, each time I click a ticker it takes about 7 seconds for the linked charts (Monthly, Weekly...) to load and appear.

    What I used to do in the past, is simply to quickly go over all the tickers in the quote window, by quickly pressing enter on each symbol. Once finished pressing Enter on all the list, eSignal would download the whole list. This would take a while (a few minutes), and I would simply leave eSignal alone and go about my other business. I would come back a few minutes later and I would have the whole data downloaded on my machine. I could then review my quote list with the charts, and all charts would appear instantaneously once I clicked a ticker, since they were already downloaded and resident in memory. I could go back and forth to any ticker on my long list (about 150 symbols), and the linked charts would appear right away.

    So far so good, but lately, this doesn't work anymore. I do this procedure, but the charts won't stay in memory. Once the entire download is finished, and I click a symbol somewhere in the beginning of the list, it's as if I didn't download it before, and I have to wait for it to download again (7 seconds). In essence, my "bulk downloading" procedure isn't effective anymore, and I need to wait for each symbol again and again every time I click it.

    I noticed that this happens mostly with Daily, Weekly, Monthly charts, rather than intraday charts.

    This issue has prolonged my "Morning review" from about 5 minutes to 30 minutes. It's really annoying.

    What I would like to ask is: Why doesn't the "bulk download" work anymore, and can anything be done on my computer to fix this problem. If it's on eSignal's side, perhaps eSignal can consider tweaking the software so the "bulk download" of non-intraday charts will work again? It saves a lot of valuable time in the morning... can sleep in 25 minutes more..

    Thanks for any input
    50 cent