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  1. I use esingal as my charting software, but I also use Microsoft works calendar as my daily planner. Each time I open esignal the planning software goes crazy and sends reminders of to-do tasks every 60 seconds or's extremely annoying. Any help would be useful.

  2. Just a guess: eSignal has the ability to set your system clock to "exchange time". Maybe those changes trigger your planning software?
  3. Don't think that's it. It has something to do with the flow of data coming form esignal resetting my software once a minute or so.

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    I can't recall a similiar report like yours but I'm wondering what Microsoft says would trigger such a response. A shared dll perhaps? Have you checked with their support department to determine the possible causes of these looping tasks? If we knew what they suspected as the cause, it would certainly be helpful to our engineering group.

  5. I will contact microsoft and ask that very question. If it is a shared dll what can I do about it?

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    If it is a shared DLL that is causing the issue, then this will narrow down the possible code in eSignal that may be causing the conflict with Works Calendar, and our developers will be able to track this down much faster. Just as quick side-note, knowing if it is a shared DLL is just as important as knowing which DLL it is.