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  1. Does anyone here have any Esignal .efs files for bid/ask volume traded difference, or the cumulative volume of the bid/ask traded difference?

    thanks in advance
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  3. I looked at that too, but it is not set up like a "difference" indication...just the two separate data sets as histogram bars. I guess I can just modify that language to what I need if I do not find anything else (like a line or candlestick representation of the bid/ask difference per bar).
  4. I had been looking for the same efs. but no luck.
    What I did find is software that does this exact thing and supports esignal data.
    The site is called MarketDelta.

    It does have a monthly cost to it, take a look , maybe there is another software thats supports esignal, that does the same but cheaper.
  5. I have seen that before but I need the volume analysis tool to work in Esignal only (for a specific need I have)...thanks.
  6. >TradEStar

    I would think that if you posted your question
    in the EFS section of eSignal's forums, and if such
    an EFS exists, Alex will surely know and will kindly
    direct you to it.
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    i've had nothing but problems with the efs.

    1.5 years ago i decided to pay up for some here don't like it and its not cheap, but i love it.
  8. Yes that does not suprise me....ok, thanks.
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