eSignal Beta 8.1 is released

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  1. I'm trying it out starting Friday 3/23/07. Hope there's not too many bugs. I've been waiting for Range charts for awhile...


    To download:

    And there's this note/"disclaimer":
    "One of our engineers added some code in an attempt to add range bars, but I believe that they still have a bit of work to go. With the beta version, you can enter an interval as something like .25R, but you may see some strange behavior depending on the symbol and how active it is. We'll be happy to get feedback, but keep in mind that this isn't even in the release notes yet as it's not what I'd consider ready to go.
    Thank you,
    Todd Pellizzer
    Senior Product Manager"
  2. Despite that last quote above that did little to instill any confidence in the range charts, they seem to be working pretty well. No other issues so far running the beta today.
  3. Are they ever going to get their program multi threaded? I like E signal, but I wouldn't use it at this point because it can't take advantage of a dual core processor I just purchased.
  4. I don't know how they do it but the eSignal charts are among the ugliest I've ever seen. Also their user interface looks very Windows 3.11'ish. They should hire some quality designers and completely redesign their interface and default charts.
  5. I've always found their advanced charts to be VERY customizable and once you have the perfect chart design you can set that as your default chart so you never have to see the "orginal" esignal default ever again. Personally, I'll take reliability and functionality over design any day (not that they don't have room for improvement there too)...

  6. Well... since I am not sleeping with my charts they could be as ugly as a $2 hooker in a dimly lit side street for all I care. if I want apple candy I could always upgrade to vista or something.
    However, you know the old saying: if it ain't broken don't fix it."
  7. Sorry I will not touch software that looks like it was made in 1995. When I load up eSignal it reminds me exactly of 1995. The entire application design looks like it's from the 16 bit age. To me it's obvious they let programmers do interface design work. That's a cardinal mistake.

    I wouldn't bitch if I knew its a small specialized shop like Linnsoft/InvestorRT - these guys have to focus on features and don't have time to waste improving interfaces. But IDC? Give me a break, what are their hordes of developers doing all day?

    Of course replies say "I don't care as long as it works". Typical.

    So why don't you use Win 3.11 anymore? It worked great!!!!!
  8. Yep, until their charting package is multi threaded it will never be capable of handling the ever increasing volume bursts in these markets and the inevitable Advanced Charts window freezes will continue and increase in frequency...


  9. Well, the design does not bother me at all and 1995 was a good year for me so no problems there also. As for Win 311. , hey I wish I could go back all the way back to DOS especially if it would keep me in the black at the end of the day. I like e signal, end of story.
  10. cmaxb


    They never talk about the fixes they've added, only the features.
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