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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by pspr, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. pspr


    Around 2PM EST today I am getting some bad quotes from Esignal every minute or so. The ES it trading between 1127 and 1128 but Esignal is messing up my charts with single trade spikes between 1123 and 1125 then the next trade is back to where it was.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem with them?
  2. Tea


    NQ has a few way out bad ticks also screwing up the chart
  3. this glad I am leaving least it makes for any early weekend :)
  4. Yeah, I just started a different thread on it. Also had the problem with the NQ. Is there a fix for it?

  5. fan27


    I am guessing that esignal will delete the bad ticks from their servers which will then require you to do a refresh of the chart. This is what they did in the past. There is a way to manually delete the bad ticks from your chart but it is a pain in the ass.
  6. I have it too...I also have a 20 min QQQ up and running, and the 2nd bar of the day is also bad.
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