Esignal - Bad L2?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by seasideheights, May 19, 2006.

  1. The marketdepth screen is showing me quotes in the L2 section that have a blank MMID on the bid & ask.

    It's doing this on everything except for NASDAQ stocks.

    Currently DIA has a 114.02 bid with a blank MMID and a 2000.00 ask with a blank MMID. Does anyone else have this?

    It's making it incredibly annoying when looking at the quotes.
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  3. Seems to be a slight prob with Esignal as regards pivots. This screen shows the program recalculating the pivots shortly after mid day. I have tried to shut down and re load several times. Lately this has been a common sight.



    For anyone who might be experiencing this prob, I have just learned that you can remedy it by removing rather than reloading the pivots (and putting them back one at a time).

    Really too bad though for folks who are trying to make decisions based on them. By the time you get your screen back in order, the market may have moved past your entry point.
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    Jay from eSignal,

    Do you outsource the programming? Do you think the staff is intentionally allowing bugs to persist so that there will be a stready stream of bugs to fix, and therefore their contract and jobs won't be threatened?