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  1. I am have never used esignal to backtest something, could someone please write the formula to backtest the following:

    enter long position when:
    stochastics should be below 15, and cci should
    be between 5 and 25.

    Exit the position to take profit when:
    stochosticks reach 80 or above.

    Stop loss, if applicable:
    when the cci goes nevative.

    enter short position:
    stochastics should be above 85, and cci should be
    between -5 and -25.

    Exit the position to take profit when:
    stochosticks reach 20 or below.

    Stop loss, if applicable:
    when the cci goes positive.

    if someone could write the backtesting formula for me on esignal, i would appriciate that very much.
  2. I am certain that you have far more tweaks to those broad parameters.

    just reading through them, I can see your trading account being exhausted in under half a trading session.

    it might be that TS7 is vastly superior to eSignal in these areas of system testing and back testing.

    prove me wrong, though....
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    This certainly could be done in EFs (eSignal Formula Script). I would suggest, however, that this request be posted on our forum under the New Study Suggestions forum.
  4. For sure it is possible to code it in eSignal, the only problem with eSignal is that the intraday history is limited, too limited to do a serious backtesting.

    Will you increase the length of intraday history with eSignal 8.0 release ?

  5. i am only seeking a formula to backtest that for the past few days on esignal. I can do it with various stocks to get an accurate result. If anyone could give me the formula for that i would really appriciate it.
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    There is more information available regarding the status of our intraday history project available at