~Esignal~ Average Range Formula??

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  1. I there a formula or somewere on Esignal that you can put in the stock, and itll spit out the Average daily range of it?? Or even a good place to get that??
  2. I think you could write it yourself pretty easily. EFS scripting is cake.

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  4. Thanks Daryn,
    Its not really what im looking for. Im just loking for somewhere to plug in the symbol, and out comes a number (range) for like the last 20-30 days..
    it doesnt even have to be on esignal...if anyone has a goo link, that would be great also.
  5. anyone???
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    If you are looking for the ATR of x days then it will do that. Just edit stuidies and enter the number of days you want it to look at.
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    what is the difference between MA of range and ATR?
  9. Ok thats what im looking for basically...is the ATR of X days.... but i just need a number before the open...ill loook at it closer and see if it does what i want.
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