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  1. is this what automatic start/end times is for (under time template settings)?

    i have been doing data export and pasting data into an excel sheet. my sheet already has calculations in it, so the data needs to go to the right cells every time i paste it.

    say i want 5 days of 5 minute bars, i had the time template set to 5 days. however, i did not have automatic start/end times selected. i noticed some days the last 2 bars would be 16:10, 16:20. some days it would be 16:15, 16:20. this would screw up my excel sheet calculations because it was not set up for some days to have more bars than others.

    i then selected automatic start/end times under the time template setting for the 5 min chart and now all days seem to end with the last bar being 16:10, which is fine for my purposes.

    i'm just curious if this is what automatic start/end times is for?

  2. fibo618


    You can use the auto times to select a normal symbol on your chart ie. SP U3 and by using the auto template it takes only data from the main session. Unfortunately e-signal have not adjusted some of the exchange opening times and on occasions you will have to make manual adjustments. ( AX U3-DT starts 30 mins late!)

    Hope this helps.