eSignal as a Datafeed for TS2000I

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  1. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    To all TS2000i users,

    Tradestation TS2000i supports eSignal as a direct datafeed of choice. Tradestation claims something like 25,000 units sold and continues to sell it internationally.

    eSignal has been greatly expanding its global coverage of real time exchanges, now up to 75 and growing. In order to better support eSignal users of TS2000i we are launching a new ActiveX tool to load tick and history data from eSignal's servers into the TS2000i product.

    We are making this tool available for free with our eSignal service. ActiveX for TS and the documentation is now in a public beta to use located here: Plugin for Tradestatation&groupid=135

    We have set up a thread on our forums for comments:

  2. maxpi


    The screen shots look exactly like UniServer, shouldn't be hard to make the transition!!
  3. robbo


    About time,what took you so long?????????All you need to do now is reduce your fee's,$185.00 a month for equity&futures prices without exchanges fee's is to much,you can get Tradestation 7 for $199.00,who is going to go for Esignal&2000i just to save $14.00 a month.
  4. nitro


    This is LONG TIME coming.

    Thanks for the effort. I will have to rethink eSignal now that this is available.

  5. tango29


    Chuck, I guess i have a pipe dream here, but is there any chance that I could just pay for 1 feed and exchange fees instead of having to pay to have it on each computer I run during the day? I realize there are costs to trading , but I'm using them all in the same house and would pay soem sort of additional fee, but the I currently pay the year advance for equity/futures, and have the other 2 on the basic $79/mnth. Isn't there some way to get this down? I would also love to reduce exchange fees also.

  6. tango29


    I would also like to be able to type clearly while I'm trading. Hope you can make sense out of what I typed!
    thanks again
  7. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal


    This is a restriction with the exchanges - each device pays an exchange fee.

    Most users have gone with more powerful computers and multiple monitors to use a single datafeed. eSignal allows you to run multiple applications on the single computer with one feed.

    We added some new functions like pages and pop-out windows to assist multi-monitor users better.

  8. AdlerNY


    This is great, Chuck. This is what makes Esignal run ahead of competitors. I didn't try the tool yet, but I hope it'll work fine.

    Thank you guys.

    DBC>Esignal user since 1996.-)
  9. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    Great to hear from you AdlerNY. Very nice to hear from such a long time customer.

    This tool seem to be working well. There are a couple of things we will address. To learn how to set it up check our forums.

    You have really seen a lot of changes with eSignal. We have now done 5 releases in 15 months and working towards 2 more releases before year end plus a few little surprises like this ActiveX for TS.

    Thanks for you comments and let others know about eSignal ...

  10. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    To any eSignal Metastock Pro users, there has been a problem with it connecting to our international tick servers. We are testing a work around in house for this problem and should release a fix for this in a few weeks.

    All welcome ... visit us at:

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