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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Marc to Market, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. I'm a bit disappointed that eSignal rounds the bids and offers for the ARCA book to only two decimal places. I know ARCA makes their book's bids and offers viewable in up to four decimal places, because I've seen it personally through brokers...


  2. Also no hidden book data for Island, this could be interesting to see it in the futur.
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    Hello Marc,

    In checking with Arca's own book on their web site (, it also shows only 2 decimal places. We also checked with our QA department, and they indicated we only receive two decimals through the Arca data feed.

    Regarding the brokers feed that you saw, did it have precision out to 4 places, or did it just have 2 digit precision with 2 zeros after?

    Jay F.
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  4. With CyberTRader PRO you can seea lot more of the Island book, many non marketable order are hidden in the standard book, but available in the full book.
  5. Marc2Market,

    Are you saying CyberTrader shows ARCA with 4 decimals? And they are getting their ARCA data from ISLD?

    Could you take a screenshot and clarify?

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    The pattern I have seen on this is that data providers only show 2 digits, but brokers' feeds show 4. Assuming CyberTrader is getting their Arca feed as a broker (ie. CyberX/Schwab), then that would fall in line with that theory.

  7. New s to me that Cyber is getting anything except the normal book data. I question anyone being able to see hidden orders.

    I have just moved my tack to Tradestation 7 , from Cyber , as Cyber is a ripoff at $250 a month for the feed. I almost never traded with them

    TS7 looks quite good so far, as far as the quotes and charting go.