eSignal--ARCA book $155/mo!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Toonces, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Toonces


    In addition to charging $34/mo for Nasdaq TotalView (which only includes the INET and BRUT books), they charge $155/mo to add the ARCA book. Does ARCA actally charge anywhere near that?
  2. Bob111


    check their website. $10 a month. esignal-what a rip off !!!

    In the third quarter of 2006 the Arca Web Book will become a fee based offering (more to follow). The Arca Web Book will be available to Non-Professional customers for a fee of $10 per month allowing investors to view NYSE Arca and ArcaEdge books only. If you are already registered for the Arca Web Book, you do not have to register again but you will need to complete a payment form. Subscription processing will be available beginning on June 30th through a secure credit card payment process. There is no fee for ArcaVision only access.
  3. eSignal, ripping it's customers off... NO KIDDING???


    So, don't feel like an idiot for getting ripped off, because you already are regardless.
  4. I don't disagree, but I don't trade stock. Comparing their costs to say DTN IQ it is real close and they go back farther with tick data historical than IQ. I am kinda stuck.
  5. Yeah, but I'm sick of eSignal going UP in price while everthing else is going down.

    It's unbelievable what eSignal is doing, I'm happy they cancelled my account, I'm having fun over at DTN and I have someone I e-mail for new features I'd like and they either e-mail me back giving me a temporary solution until they fix it, or they tell me it's going to the devs who work on it, and they do absolutely. DTN is just more motivated to work on their stuff, where'as eSignal just sits around looking pretty and racking in the money.

    It's a shame that eSignal works this way, but, I don't see it changing.
  6. Bob111


    i really like to see comments from esignal about price for arca book.
    how they come up with this number and base on what customer should pay such price.

    Thank you
  7. ah well,

    There is nothing wrong with your comments. I agree that data services are more expensive than they have to be.

    The other side of this however, is that most of you don't make any money trading. So your paying for the use of professional tools, but you can't bring in any capital to offset your expenses.

    One solution is to learn to make money. Those of us who actually make a living at this don't think too much about it. We just pay our bills and move on to the next day's work..

    Mowery if you ever do move out of you Mom's house, you are going to have to pay your rent, phone utilities etc. These are all going to seem unfair but thats how it is in the outside world.


  8. Bob111


    steve, with all due respect-this "service for professionals" been provided by arca for free for years. it mean to me that providing such data for customers did not cost ecn a lot, but -there is some expenses of course.
    ten bucks -sounds like fair price. but not 155$ for redistributing the data. this is ridiculous.
    imagine your cable company charging you 500$ for public channels.
  9. I agree completely.

    Please, let me know when you find a source cheaper.

    I also dislike paying more than I have to, and I think ALL of the data services are overpriced

    But this isn't the only venue where that happens.

    Phone bills, gasoline, heating, food costs, medical care, I could go on a bit more....What do you do? Do you surf for freebies until you have run out of those? Who do you complain to...?

    My solution is to make more than they charge...a lot more if I can.

    So far so good, but I agree it is a struggle.

  10. Bob111


    it is, because as been said here, on ET, trading is a business and like in every other business one of our goals is to keep cost of it low...
    myself-now i'm still getting books data i need for free from MB trading platform now, using their SDK. requires some extra programming work, but-it's ok.
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