Esignal and Windows Server 2003

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by duard, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. duard


    I'm looking into Windows Server 2003 and the compatibility with Esignal Data feed/charting platform(s)

    Has anybody done this?

    I called Esignal they THINK the answer is yes but not really sure.

    Any comments especially from IT pros (I'm a novice at best) would be appreciated. It's OK to make fun of me too I won't cry.
  2. i Ran Esignal on Windiws 2000 Server Edition for some years without any problems.
  3. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    eSignal may have problems with Windows 2003 Server. We have had a small number of reports come through experiencing problems with this OS. We are working on amending our specs page with this info after further testing.
  4. Or in otherwords... "Not many people use it, so screw them, and we will now officially let the world know that Windows 2003 Server users can't use it, because we are lazy, we will get to amending our webpage sooner or later"

    "Oh yeah, our testing consists of having enough people complain about it and then maybe fixing it in a few years."

    I think that about sums it up :)
  5. I'm having no issues on my setups running eSignal. I have two servers, tweaked to the hilt, running Windows server 2003 (Enterprise Edition). Might not be a fair statement though as I am a computer tech and my machines are kept updated and optimum. I am sure this is more than most users would do. :cool: