eSignal and SSFs

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Tech Analysis, Nov 18, 2002.

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    Hi, TA
    Here's what mine looks like. I'm not actually trading them yet but just wanted to get things setup for when I do. Are you trading them yet? I'm waiting for a little more volume and liquidity. Of course this is a bit of a Catch 22 since most everyone else is doing the same thing. :D I may do some trading if I see a good longer time frame setup.:)
    PS It didn't attach my print screen. I'll try again.
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  3. Wow - that's some miserable liquidity, isn't it? LOL

    I'll have to resolve my charting issues with esig - I'm on the fone w/them right now.

    I was hoping for a few formed candles in there, not just OHLC :) Maybe in a few more weeks volume will improve. You'd think the under-$25k crowd would give it a boost.

    Thanks for the screenshot
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  4. Tech support said to exit and re-start. Works fine now. If anyone else is having problems try that as a fix. They had problems earlier that may have been fixed.
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    YW, TA. These will be a happenin' trading vehicle soon. :) Hey, 5 to 1 leverage and like you say so far no PDT rules so no $25k needed to trade them. No uptick, downtick. No worry about if your broker has any more shares to lend you to short. Etc, etc, etc. In time these will be widely traded I think. :)
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