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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Magna, Aug 6, 2003.

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    There's an interesting journal on divergences and I wanted to set up a chart in eSignal to take a look. Unfortunately, of the 3 studies necessary eSignal doesn't have 2 of them. :mad: It's missing Keltner Channels and the Chaikin Oscillator. And this is the so-called Advanced Charts (yuk, yuk), I'd sure hate to see what the Basic Charts offer. Maybe I'm being too hasty in my judgment as I'm still using v7.2 and I know they're up to v7.4. So if anyone using the current version would check, are these two studies now available?? Thanks.
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    they have keltners all over the place. But check esignal central for lots of code on keltners

    I have downloaded many versions but I think the orginals were under formulas somewhere. Nevertheless the keltners from esignal central have more options on the inputs.
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  4. Magna, if you right click on chart, Formula's/ Library there are some Keltner studies. I'm not sure you can manipulate the settings. You can also check file sharing at Esignal Central. These should be available under 7.2.

    PS. You may want to check out 7.4 as they have fixed the T&S data for color coding trades at the bid and ask. I know you had a problem with this earlier.
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    You can also find close to 200 EFS files on TS Support's site ( one of our EFS partners ). I found both of the studies you were looking for by a simple word search. They appear to be having an intermittent problem with their website so you may just want to wait and check that link a bit later.

    As others hear have already referenced, while Elite's a good discussion place, you'll find a wealth of reference material and discussion about eSignal on eSignal Central. Searching there might have saved you some frustration.

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    Thanks everyone for your help, for some reason I have a blind spot and always right-click and look at "studies" to see what's available rather than checking forumulas. My bad. And thanks macal for the tip regarding v7.4 :)
  7. Yes, there is a Keltner Bands EMA but you can not change the settings. At least I can not see where to do it. For example, if you select Bolliner band and then go to edit studies, it simply comes up with boxes ready to type in user specifice setting, and then just hit "apply all".
    Any one have any further info on doing this to the Keltner bands on Esignal ?

    I found the Chaikin Oscillator too and same thing: it seems the indicators from the Library are set in their parameter. Don't even know what parameters they're on because it does not list it in the indicator window.

    :mad: :confused: :mad:
  8. The Chaikin Oscillator is just the MACD of the AD line. If you are able to construct custom instruments this might help. Also others reading this might find this helpful.

    Michael B.
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    To edit the Keltner study, right click on the chart, Edit studies, scroll down to Keltner, viola.

  10. Thanks, but, this does not allow for changes.
    It brings up some kind of input boxes, which I've tried sticking numbers into but it doesn't do anything. Like I mentioned earlier, a box should come up like the one that comes up when you go to "edit studies" on Bollinger bands where everything is clearly labeled and you can simply type in the new parameter setting and hit "OK".

    Here's the weird box that comes up for Keltner changes:
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