Esignal and MB Trading Integration?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dinoman, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. dinoman


    I am aware of the esignal draw downs so no need for info on that part. :)

    I wanted to know of anyone's experience with esignal integrated with MB Trading.

    Please feel free to post the Pro's and Con's. I plan to use this as a back-up scenario and possibly looking to use as a main trading set-up.

    I have searched the boards, so if I missed a similar thread I apologize and please just provide a link that I may have missed.

    I took IB into consideration, but their platform just didn't cut it for me do to my personal preferences. I just didn't like the set-up, of course its all personal preference.

    I used to use CyberTrader before the destruction of it by Shcwab and I found the Esignal/MB trading set-up to be the most comparable set-up to fit my trading needs. (Thats is on a visual bases only)

    Main reasons I picked this set-up is user ability to define the set-up appearance/design. (Esignal) MB is a true direct access broker. (So they say :) ) (Schwab is a half direct access broker now... All shorts are routed threw UBS... massive lag on execution!) I also know esignal inside out from prior experience, and I love the fact of an easy quick order ticket being attached to Esig's Market Depth/Level II window.

    Bottom line is Cyber offered a level II window that let me easily see shortable shares and click my price, order and stops without a having to run threw a bunch of bells and whistles. When I put in an order they instantly showed my current position in the Level II and the average price I was in at.

    I am not a trader that pays much attention to my P/L, but I do like to have all/most of my info in the least amount of windows as possible. Cyber fullfilled all that info with a level II order window and a simple chart. This is my main goal to achieve the closest possible scenario of what used to be the almost perfect trading system for me. MB with the Esig integration seems to be the closest scenario to my liking. I looked at other integrated plats for MB and none of them really caught my eye in whole.

    I just thought I would give a good insight on how I view things to explain my scenario. A big reason I want these things is because I take large position sizes in my trades, (1K to 5K) Large for me :)
    and most of my trades are in the most volitale stocks like AAPL, FSLR, BIDU, GOOG, RIMM, POT, MON, RIG, X and so on...

    Any and all insight from experience is greatly appreciated. :) :) :)