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  1. Seems to me they are not correct on many fees :

    Euronext level 1 fee is billed 17 USD whereas it cost me 6 euros with other flows. Indeed it used to be 15 euros some months ago but Euronext cuts it (probably because of allmighty EUREX)

    STOXX is 0 euro. They make you pay 4 USD as an exchange fee...

    EUREX is 8 euros. They make you pay 22 USD (3 times more!!)

    MONEP/MATIF is 8 euros. They make you pay 24 USD (more than 3 times this time!!). Used to be 20 euros but Euronext changed it a couple of months ago.

    I don't understand what is their purpose : to bill European more than what exchanges required, or if they are just not aware of the real market fees...
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    We work directly with the Exchanges through our office in London. Since we post all fees in USD, the only adjustment we make is a small mark-up to off-set possible fluctuations in currency rates. For ex, if the current fee were $4.23 USD, we'd likely roll it up to $5 USD but nothing even close to doubling or tripling.

    I'll look into your specific examples here but I'm pretty sure we are charging standard exchange rates. Keep in mind, some exchanges have rules governing whether the user is within their country or outside of it and the fees vary accordingly.

  3. Scott,

    Contact Euronext :
    or +33 1 4927 10 00 in France
    about the fees.

    For EUREX I recommend you call
    312 408 4500 at Chicago or contact Ralf Lang

    They will update you on the fees structure
  4. Soros,

    Could you tell me the different providers offering european data and their respective cost?
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  6. this one was really cheap until some guy mentioned it here as a RT clone. You know what happened next...
  7. Quotespeed and Realtick are the one we use in Europe...

    To continue on my post here are the proper exchange fees for Euronext that I found on a French distributor of Quotespeed :

    They confirmed what I said about Eurex L1 fees and Euronext L1 fees...
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    I believe Esignal also make you pay a region fee if you
    have a monthly account. So people using european
    exchanges would get charged $50 per month extra.


  9. Esignal has also a special futures package at 129$ monthly, which include all regions, without any additional region fee, just exchange ones. I believe.
    also, IB charges 8 euro for Eurex and Xetra, so I think esignal is wrong charging 22 $ for Eurex...
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    Do they don't want new clients? First you get punished with an extra 50$ for level II, if you are a monthly subscriber and now you have to pay regional fee if you want european quotes. Esignal may have a good stability as a quote provider, but in esignal groups you heard a lot about freezes and hang ups when it comes to the new advanced charts, especially with the new esignal 7.01.When you use formulas you have to wait 5-10 seconds till a new chart opens. And the price policy of esignal is ridiculous. How can i as a trader know what is in one year when i don't know what tomorrow brings. So, when i for whatever reason ever can not trade for weeks or months my money paid for the whole year is lost. So, a one year subscribtion for a trader is a joke. Right now i am searching for a new quote vendor, and i have tried esignal also and it was not bad, but if i subscribe to european quotes also, i have to pay 100$ for nothing (with Level II), that is a joke.
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