eSignal and Asian futures

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cmaxb, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. cmaxb


    Man, eSignal's Asian futures datafeed is sucking real bad. I guess there's not many of us out there, or there would be more of an uproar. 3 outages in last 5 days.
  2. mokwit


    I cancelled months/years ago because it was so bad. Near Institutional pricing for lagging "RT" data, corrupt backfill, non functioning tick charts etc etc. All this was apparently my fault not theirs and was NEVER fixed. It felt SOOOOOO GOOD when I cancelled. Screw you eSignal. Hope you go bankrupt. You deserve to.

    I used IB for a while but with the latest backfill issues/denials I am now looking at Reuters Bridgestation as it is so much problem/aggrevation/frustrattion it is beginning to feel like an eSignal re run. I have effectively suspended activity through IB account and am focussed on markets where I do not use them for data or execution. If IB fix their backfill issue you get to save USD400/month eSignal fees and get real realtime data from their superb snapshot data strategy.

    Depending on what you trade, other choices are limited/fragmented/expensive for Asian products - search under my name for a thread
  3. cmaxb


    Hi Mokwit, I have come to rely on Sierra / IB more and more, though I can't bring myself to rely on them exclusively. My last hope is CQG. They better be good for 600 / m.
  4. mokwit


    As far as I am aware CQG do not yet cover all Asian exchanges (e.g no HSI?) If not, take a look at Reuters Bridgstation at as it comes in cheaper (data on exchanges under Metastock quoteserver(center?) at Metastock site - same product). There is a DDE adapter out there that should allow Sierra to be run off it.
  5. cmaxb


    What's the difference between Bridgestation and the full Reuters product? Do you have to use Metastock. I spoke with CQG today, and they say HKFE should be ready in a month
  6. mokwit


    Apparently none in terms of data, just that the Metastock product comes adapted for Metastock as far as I can tell. It seems you can use it as a standalone package but also feed into TS2K via itservice, net linkserver adaptor (USD2k BTW!) and others via DDE link.
  7. mokwit


    Doesn't seem to cover Asia for execution as well even though Man/Refco and others cover these markets.

    Eventually I think that will be the way to go as I am sick and tired of the throw it back at the customer tactics of these retail data vendors and brokers. Granted it is a different model and you pay for it but as an example with Bloomberg the attitude is it is THEIR problem until demonstrated otherwise.

    Now all that would be needed would be for Buttontrader to port to CQG...........(and Sierra QT and Ensign)
  8. cmaxb


    I mean shit, TOPIX just opened 10 points lower after day break. I had to cover my short because of outage. That cost me 900. At some point, you have to pull the plug.
  9. bolter


    Hah. They told me that 5 years ago when I signed up. After I cancelled about a year later they were still telling me that it would be ready in month.
  10. duece


    When you say the esignal feed is bad for Asian futures, is that esignal in general or Futuresource workstation?
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