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    I'm trying to figure out how to set up eSignal alerts to alert me to intraday highs and lows. I see the Alert Edit/Status box and it enables you to do different things such as set audio and pop up alerts, etc. for this. But I don't want this alert box to pop up everytime one of the securites I track (approx 200) hits a new high or low for example. What I would like to do is have the symbol in the quote window blink or change color or some other sort of visual alert kind of like setting the one where the high turns green for a 52 wk high or the low turns red for a 52 wk low. Does anyone know if there is someway to do this? Thanks for your help. :)
  2. By default, the alert don't pop-up a window but show a red blink in the quotesheet. This is my personnal setup for the same reason that you have request.
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    Thanks very much. Appreciated. So you have it set up globally for all the securities you track? How long does it blink and how do you then turn the blinking off? Thinking maybe I should just turn this on after the first hour of so - so they don't all trigger. Wouldn't want the Christmas tree affect. LOL :D I'll have to fool around with it tomorrow. Thanks.
  4. Our alerts at may be able to help you with what you are looking for. Specifically the fact that they are integrated with eSignal and you can click on a symbol in our alerts and load it into eSignal graphs and level 2 etc.

    Here is a link where you set the alerts to link to eSignal:

    Here is a link for the one time set up instructions:

    Our alerts can show you a lot more than just highs lows etc. Here is a list of things you can be alerted to in real-time:

    If you have any other questions feel free to PM me or post them on the Trade Ideas Q and A thread in the resources forum.


    Here is the link for the one time set up to get everything working:
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    Hi, Dan
    Thanks for sharing this info. I had seen your service before but hadn't had time to see all that was offered. Looks great. Not sure I want to spend the extra money though but might. I'll certainly consider it. Thanks again. :)
  6. No problem at all. Just wanted give you the heads up. Not sure if you know but you can try the service risk free for 7 days. We just recently integrated with eSignal and the results turned out very good. Again just FYI.

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    There is a defect with esignal regarding alerts in the quote window. It is possible to have the high and low cell for and issue turn green or red when a new high or low is being made. HOWEVER, it stays red or green and the only way to make the color of the cell go back to normal is to click on it. Very impractical if you are day trading and want to see stocks as they are making new highs or lows. The esignal documentation says that ctrl-f6 will clear all alerts but that doesn't work ( hence the defect ). Esignal is aware and acknowledges this defect.

    I like esignal overall but their quote window is terrible. I actually use MedVed quote tracker with IB just to view certain large cap stocks that I don't trade but need to watch in order to help me with trading the S&P.
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    Thanks for the heads up. :)
  9. I want this feature in e-signal too...I asked the guy about it and he gave me the "you need to set alerts " thing too...
    dear esignal guys:

    please allow us to have cells flash green/red when intraday hi/lows are being made. almost every other software has it. other than that, for the last few days i've been using it, it seems pretty good. and the pop out windows are good...
    oh one thing, the chat window will not allow you to send messages if it's popped out.

    Happy Trading

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    Thanks for your suggestion. I have passed it along to our Product Development Team ( for consideration in our upcoming revamp of the Quote Sheets.

    Regarding the Chat Window problem, I am not able to reproduce this using build 579. I am able to send a chat message with a popped out chat window. If you have not yet downloaded 579, can you do so, and try this out again?
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