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    Major Upgrade for eSignal’s Award-Winning Flagship Product Includes New Chart Window and Additional Data Elements. eSignal, Advanced GET Edition, Combines Advanced GET’s Powerful Analysis Tools with eSignal’s Decision-Support Toolset

    HAYWARD, Calif.—( Oct. 1, 2007)—eSignal, the desktop solutions division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools for professional and individual traders, today announced the release of eSignal® 10, an upgrade to its award-winning flagship software. In addition, eSignal announced the launch of eSignal, Advanced GET® Edition, which combines the Advanced GET suite of powerful proprietary tools for technical analysis, market monitoring and trading with eSignal’s streaming financial data application, making it a uniquely effective market strategy tool for professional traders and active individual traders.

    “eSignal 10 gives active traders and investors even more powerful market analysis features for tracking and evaluating their investment strategies,” said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. “As a leading desktop solution for active investors, we believe eSignal 10 provides an optimal balance of information, analytics and investment tools. And now, with our new product, eSignal, Advanced GET Edition, current eSignal users and other serious traders can employ the sophisticated decision-support features of Advanced GET on the eSignal platform to develop, refine and implement sophisticated trading strategies.”

    Enhancements and additions for eSignal 10 include a new Stretch Chart which allows users to see all price action for the current day in a single window of any size, and new Option Chain filters that give users an enhanced view of strikes that are in or out of the money. Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is now available as a real-time field for U.S. domestic equities, and eSignal’s Market Depth window now supports Canadian Equity Depth.

    eSignal is one of the first companies in the industry to fully integrate Dow Jones NewsPlus – Capital Markets Report for subscribers of Dow Jones Capital Markets Report. This edition of Dow Jones NewsPlus organizes bond and currency information in an easily digestible, familiar newspaper-style Web page on which users see top stories of the day, market analysis, commentary and a recap of all of the markets and key indicators.

    eSignal 10 provides an even broader range of international content from major stock exchanges and marketplaces around the world. By leveraging PlusFeed, a low latency, consolidated data feed service from of Interactive Data Real-Time Services, eSignal customers can benefit from data sourced from over 450 sources and exchanges worldwide, covering in excess of 3.4 million instruments. Some of the exchanges recently made available for eSignal subscribers include, Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Tokyo Grain Exchange, National Stock Exchange of India, Nikkei Indices, Dubai Mercantile Exchange, Brazil SOMA, Bratislava Stock Exchange and Indices, Bucharest Stock Exchange and Indices, OMX Baltic Equities (Riga / Tallinn / Vilnius), Prague Stock Exchange and Indices, Xetra European Stars and Xetra US Stars. In addition, the eSignal network servers have been upgraded to offer increased speed and performance for continued optimization of its data feed delivery.

    eSignal 10 also supports Cantor Premium U.S. Treasuries and CantorEye UST data. Cantor Premium U.S. Treasuries provides tradable, real-time prices with the U.S. Treasury yield curve sourced from eSpeed, one of the most active, liquid markets for U.S. Treasury securities. CantorEye UST provides live, continuous, real-time indicative pricing for the full array of U.S. Treasury instruments.

    eSignal 10 also offers the granularity to watch and chart individual Forex quotes from individual contributors, a feature that allows the FX trader to focus attention directly on that bank’s or broker’s specific quotes for better decision-making.

    The eSignal Advanced GET Edition is an innovative application that integrates Advanced GET’s suite of sophisticated trading tools with eSignal 10’s robust Java-based scripting language, advanced charting and streaming data feeds. The product’s sophisticated Dashboard feature—which allows users to implement technical studies in multiple timeframes, scan the entire market, and import candidates for trading analysis—now features improved real-time market information and tools. A new backtesting feature allows traders to check strategies for best performance in several scenarios, while “replay” mode gives users the power to simulate actual market trading within charts in order to fine-tune investment strategies. Advanced GET users can create custom studies with the Java-based Formula Wizard. In addition, a new feature allows users to send trade messages to compatible brokers via a single-click from within the application. Users may also set up automatically triggered messages from within charts.

    New Features for eSignal 10
    • New Stretch chart
    • New Option Chain filters
    • Market Depth window now supports Canadian depth, which includes @Price and Book data
    • VWAP available as a real-time field for U.S. equities within Quote or Detail windows
    • Dow Jones NewsPlus-Capital Markets Report

    Features of eSignal, Advanced GET Edition
    • Integrated Dashboard
    • Powerful Java-based EFSSM scripting tool for custom studies
    • Backtesting to test strategies in various scenarios
    • Replay chart mode to fine-tune strategies
    • Single-click trade messages to compatible brokers from within the application

    Both eSignal 10 and eSignal, Advanced GET Edition are currently available. For more information, including pricing and a complete list of product features, visit eSignal’s website at or call 800.833.1228.
    About eSignal:
    eSignal (, Interactive Data Corporation’s (NYSE: IDC) desktop solutions business, is a leading global provider of financial and business information to professional traders and active individual traders. Building on a legacy of nearly 25 years of delivering time-sensitive financial information, eSignal provides streaming, real-time market data, news and analytics. eSignal's suite of products includes eSignal®, Advanced GET®, QuoTrek®, FutureSource®, MarketCenter LIVE™, QCharts®, LiveCharts®, Market-QSM and the Web portals,® and
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    Hello, I installed ESignal 10.0 recently and have some technical questions. I have a pretty late model PC with an AMD Athlon 64 and I find that when I toggle between the multiple pages I've created ESignal crashes and my screen turns blue, and the computer reboots. This has happened a few times consecutively and this is after hours, with no rapid data changes in the marketplace occurring. I'm worried about what will happen during market hours. Do you have any suggestions for this problem and can you point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  3. The AMD 64 chip is not compatable or reliable with esignal and will crash your system often on high volume stocks. I found this out the hard way over one year ago when I switched from the Pentium chip to AMD.

    So 10 will continue to crash with AMD. Better off getting a new dual core chip or use esignal verison 8.0
  4. darren


    I am looking to see if esignal has 2 indicators I currently use on open e cry. I would like to get esginal for charting but just want to check. One is the AO indicator- Awesome oscillator( thats its name) And AC- Acceleration deceleration oscillator both look farily like a macd , thanks in advance for your answers, Do you have these?
  5. akeyla


    It is disappointing to see that esignal still does not integrate all ECN books and MMs in one screen.

  6. I believe that one of the esignal 3rd party developers, Chris Kryza, has created both of these indicators in EFS.

    I've never used these specific studies, but have used other things Chris has created and have always been very happy with the results.


  7. Akeyla,

    I'd love to see it all on the same screen too, but the last time I asked was told that they were being stopped from doing it because of a patent. I don't think this has changed since the last release.


  8. AMD has always been goofy like that. I had some old XBase program back in the early 90's that would not run on a AMD machine. Gave divisor by zero error.