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    I have a problem when I run the sample project "TsSample Project" for VB, I get the following error:
    Run-time error '-2147023898 (800703e6)': Method 'GetTimeSalesBar' of object 'IHooks'failed.

    I have eSignal 7.5 (build 627) on a Win2k machine.

    I can't find solution for GetTimeSalesBar problem .

    Is there anyone on this board who can run the TsSample VB Project with no GetTimeSalesBar error?

    Is it working OK in VB.NET?
    If it works fine I'd like to see T&S sample for VB.NET

  2. Two simple things first (no insult intended)...

    1) Have you added and payed for ActiveX to your eSignal account?

    2) Did you call SetApplication("username") with your eSignal username? In otherwords, you need to change that piece of code in the sample for it to work.
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    phoenix, thanks for pointing it out

    I didn't change the sample code.
    I'll try it.

  4. Sure thing.
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    I did change that piece of code in the sample as you suggest (set my username in SetApplication("username").
    It didn't help.
    As about your suggestion #1, I won't pay for API, I have paid for data and don't want pay for interface to access it, but that's another story.

    I don't understand why same sample works fine with win98 and winXP but doesn't with win2k.

    Does TsSample Project for VB work in your setup?
    Do you use w2k?

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    To pay or not to pay, to use or not to use... not the question

    If the same sample works with 98/XP and doesn't with w2k in the same eSignal acc that means there is no switch on the server side or the problem isn't in that switch.

    As far as I understand the problem is that Desktop ActiveX have a BUG.
    I don't think your payments make the bug disappears.

    I appreciated your will to help.

    I posted the same question on but no one from eSignal stuff answer it.
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    I'll have someone follow up on the questions on central, probably won't be till Monday being the weekend and all.

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