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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ColdLogic, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. This question is for those programming with the new ActiveX features of eSignal (7.4).

    Has anyone been able to get the GetTimeSalesBar function working under Windows 2000?

    It looks like it works correctly under Win98, but throws a Run-time error (-2147023898 (800703e6)) under Win2000.

    Can anyone confirm or disprove this?
  2. FWIW, I don't know about Win2000, but it works for me under WinXP Pro.
  3. That's an automation error (invalid access to memory location).

    Maybe you're referencing the function incorrectly or are passing an invalid object variable.
  4. Yes, I'm aware of the meaning of the error number. But identical code runs fine under Win98, and throws the error under Win2000.

    Maybe a security issue? An ActiveX permissions problem?

    Has anyone been able to make the sample time and sales application work on a Win2K machine?

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.
  5. Can anyone else offer some input?

    Am I the only person experimenting with eSignal ActiveX who's running Windows 2000?
  6. OK - just a crass & flagrant attempt to get this noticed by the right people...

    I can't believe there's nobody else on ET working with eSignal ActiveX and running Windows 2000.

  7. Cold Logic or ArchAngel,

    Do either of you guys know if it is posssible to export esignal time and sales data into a spreadsheet in real time using activeX?

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    .. Maybe if ESignal had a better deal more people would be interested. For us, better development opportunites reside elsewhere ...... We also never accept third party components/tools without source - its too costly in terms of our time.

    FYI if you use the visual studio tools and the sdk tools and other standard Windows development tools you should be able to figure out where the error resides. IF you cant then ask esignal for a sample showing its use under Windows 2000.
  9. I believe T&S is accessible via the end user ActiveX control. You'd have to script it in VBA and keep feeding it to new cells in your spreadsheet.

    Don't personally do a lot of Excel-based scripting for anything serious because it's so limited and slow. You'd be OK if all you want is historical T&S, but if you're trying to process realtime T&S, It might be too slow to properly process a high volume T&S stream (which could cause excessive event queueing).

    If you're planning on doing something serious, you might want to consider using straight VB.
  10. RAY


    Arch, So use VB right from E-Signal's Active X?

    PS. I have Win200 and was considering the active X, but Cold's problems are causing me pause.

    I am interested in doing a volume study (real time) on Stocks from the Time-and-Sales.

    Anyone have any ideas as to the best program, software etc to use for this?

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